Dear valued customer,

Posted on Friday, May 29th

Following the recent increase in calls regarding PARCELLINK LOGISTICS, we would like to make it VERY CLEAR that we have NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS COMPANY.

In recent months we have taken many calls from people trying to reach Parcel Link Logistics regarding an Ebay, Amazon or Blinds Direct order usually delivered by Hermes. Please note we do not work with any of these companies, nor do our orders have references beginning with PL.

We are sorry that Parcel Link Logistics do not have the courtesy of allowing their customers the opportunity to call them and we are sorry we cannot help them further since these bookings are not with us.

If you have an order number starting with PL, or a delivery from Ebay, Amazon or Blinds Direct being made by Hermes, please use the link below to contact Parcel Link Logistics:

Questions? We're here to help. Email or call (0)1753299456

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