Hunting and Farming as 3PL Sales Strategies

As a transportation or logistics salesman, the process of finding customers to support the business can be very similar to hunting in that you need to hunt down your potential customers on a constant basis while having no guarantee of success. To this end, you can either buy contact lists or search the Internet for contact details of potential customers.


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The Do-It-Yourself Conundrum

As all business people will confirm, the business world is all about maximising your profits. How you choose to do so is up to you as a businessperson to decide.


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cargo insurance

Why Is Cargo Insurance Important?

Cargo theft is one of the main risks encountered in today’s shipping industry, shipments worth hundreds of thousands of dollars tending to disappear mysteriously all the time. Some shipments simply get lost, others are hijacked by illegitimate drivers… Whichever the scenario, the conclusion is always the same: the increasingly numerous cargo theft incidents are indicative of a massively flawed supply chain, particularly in the United States and now Eastern Europe, as it seems.


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green logistics

Green Supply Chain Solutions Are the Future

Today’s environmental context is forcing more and more companies to adopt green supply chain management solutions in order to achieve an entire range of purposes, from increasing their revenues to improving their efficiency to consolidating their reputation on the market. Here is an introduction to some of the main areas where green solutions are being implemented more and more consistently.


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bar code

The Reinvention of the Scanner Gun

Anyone who is familiar with the way the world of logistics and supply works will testify that out of all the tools used in these industries, the scanner gun sets itself apart as the most popular. Used by warehouse and supply chain employees across the globe on a daily basis for various purposes, this tool is essential to the two industries.


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