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Parcel Delivery to Europe

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Are you looking for a reliable and value-for-money parcel service to Europe? can collect items of any size from anywhere across the UK and deliver them to any European country with no hidden charges. From Scotland to Spain, Swansea to Sweden, we offer an unbeatable service that ensures that your goods reach their destination swiftly and securely. Our European road economy service provides an ideal solution if you have a non-urgent shipment and are working to a tight budget. We use some of the most recognised companies in the business, including DHL, City Link and Aramex, so that you can have complete peace of mind that your consignment will be delivered safely.

We will provide you with a schedule so that you will know when to expect collection, then all packages can be fully tracked online, at all times. This option is ideal for when you are looking to send delicate items or goods that cannot be sent via air due to safety restrictions. Packaging the goods yourself also means that you don't have to worry about your items being damaged before they start their journey. If you are sending items of value, additional insurance of up to £10,000 is available online and we will also provide a quote for insurance over this amount if required, based on your individual needs. So whether your delivery is destined for France, Germany, Italy or further afield, we can provide a competitive quote and alternative options that are second to none.

If your consignment needs to be delivered urgently to a European country, offers a Worldwide Air Express choice that guarantees a fast turnaround within a reliable and confirmed timeframe. The most direct routes are always used if you choose this alternative and full online tracking enables you to check your package's progress towards its destination. Any size of items can be sent with no restrictions and the Worldwide Air Express can reduce a lengthy road journey from a few days to a matter of hours in many cases.

Our partnerships with the world's largest companies ensure that your goods are in safe hands at all times and whether you need to send regular business consignments or you are looking to send a one-off package, we can help. If you need to insure the contents of your package, additional insurance of up to £10,000 is simply a click away on our website and we can also provide insurance cover over this amount if required. Our dedicated customer care team is available at the end of the phone to answer any queries and will also guide you through everything that is needed for customs clearance, which is included in the price you pay. So there's no need for you to contact a broker and complete the paperwork - we will do everything for you. Contact us today to find out how we can save you money and ensure that your goods reach their destination swiftly, securely and at a highly competitive price.


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