Learn How to Grow Your Export Business (Part One)

According to specialists, the growth of the export industry has been very slow over the past few years. However, things seem to be following an ascending path, so exporters are encouraged to keep investing in their businesses and hoping for profit.


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Air Freight or Ocean Freight? (Part Two)

As expected, the choice of the right shipping service is just as difficult as any other choice in the field of international shipping and that is not only because clients have a number of different choices at their disposal, but also because each of these choices comes with a number of different factors to be considered very carefully. Apart from the financial aspect, which is probably the most complex as well as the most important one, such a choice is also determined by factors such as speed, reliability or the impact on the environment.


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Air Freight or Ocean Freight? (Part One)

The business world is much like life in general on many different levels. For starters, both involve a great number of choices being made and that is never easy.


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Make Your Business Greener

Although their potential is yet to be discovered, transport comparison sites can be of great help when it comes to finding solutions to the ever-lasting problem of business owners, namely that of finding new customers and ensuring a continuous flow of activity for their business. Not only do they provide solutions as to how to limit the carbon dioxide emissions, but they also help develop a more time effective business by shortening the transport times significantly while maximising the profits.


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General Information on Dispatching Goods within the European Union (Part Four)

Most goods can be dispatched from the UK to states within the EU without being accompanied by export licences, permits or certificates. However, there are a few exceptions as well, chemicals and military goods being at the top of this restricted list.


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