General Information on Dispatching Goods within the European Union (Part Three)

Moving forward with our analysis on dispatching goods within the European Union, let us take a closer look at customs declarations, when they are required and when they are not, at excise duties and also at a few basics on licencing.

Customs declarations and licencing

First of all, it should be noted that no customs declarations are required for sales of goods within the EU, except for sales to “special territories” or international organisations.


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Today’s Shipment Tracking Technology

Information has been travelling faster and faster in the business world these days, thus determining ship owners to use shipment tracking technology to transmit data of significant importance to customers across the world. The advances made have turned this into a much more reliable and effective alternative to the cumbersome methods used in the past, which involved a lot of paperwork being done and a lot of phone calls being made.


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Importance of cargo insurance

Just How Important Is Cargo Insurance?

Cargo insurance is crucial!

People often overlook the importance of cargo insurance, but the truth is that it has become crucial. According to the Hague/COGSA act, uninsured ship owners will not get more than 500 dollars per unit in the event of any damage, regardless of the value of their cargo.


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General Information on Dispatching Goods within the European Union (Part Two)

Goods supplied to another country within the EU classify as dispatch goods and not exports, the latter referring to goods that are sold to a country outside the EU. Here are some general aspects on VAT and the how it applies to dispatch goods.


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10 Reasons Why Deliveries by Courier Companies Are Recommended

There appears to be a lot of confusion around parcel delivery services, courier companies and the best choices to be made when looking to make a delivery. Here are ten facts about courier companies that recommend them in such situations.


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