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General Information on Dispatching Goods within the European Union (Part One)

The sale and dispatch of goods usually involves a number of procedures that can easily cause problems if not properly understood. With its twenty-eight members, the European Union (EU) is one of today’s main trading markets.


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What is the difference?

Courier Services versus Parcel Delivery Services

A quick online search will reveal that the Internet is bristled with posts by people who have had negative experiences with the parcel delivery services offered. However, one of the explanations behind all this lies in the fact that people tend to mistake parcel delivery services for courier services.


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3 Tips on How to Grow Your Export Business

According to analyses performed by experts in the field, containerised export rates have increased constantly over the last few years, thus creating a favourable context for export businesses to grow. Therefore, your export business can grow as well.


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Shipping Vehicles Overseas

A top grade vehicle shipping company is the best solution if you are moving abroad and you need to ship your car overseas.

Shipping vehicles overseas, whether cars, motorbikes, lorries or any other type of vehicles, does not have to be complicated and stressful.


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Grow Your Business – Preventing Shipping Fraud (Part 2)

Unfortunately, shipping fraud is a commonly encountered problem these days, but there are a few very easy ways to prevent it or rather protect yourself against it. So you have learned the trading terms, you have learned not to be too trusting and you have checked whether your trading business partner is a genuine one or not.


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