Grow Your Business – Preventing Shipping Fraud (Part 1)

Many people seek advice in various places after falling victims to forwarders, shippers or intermediaries undertaking fraudulent activities of various kinds. Therefore, here are a few pieces of advice on how to protect yourself against shipping fraud.


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Does your shipping firm offer all this?

At Parcel Link, we hard to ensure that we’re delivering the highest level of service and customer satisfaction whilst aiming to offer you the most competitive rates even from the biggest name couriers like DHL, Fedex to name a few.

So, excuse this somewhat ‘salesy’ blog post but we thought we’d tell you a little more about how we go about doing our business and to keep you happy.


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4 Things to Consider When Comparing Air Freight and Ocean Freight

Whether you are running a business or moving overseas, you will always have a lot of decisions to make as far as overseas shipping goes. The most important of them is whether you should opt for air freight or ocean freight shipping.


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5 Tips on How to Choose a Proper Freight Forwarder (Part 1)

In the field of overseas freight forwarding and shipping, the choice of a freight forwarder is just as important as that of a supplier or an accountant. In this modern era where businesses aim at supply chain optimization, cost effectiveness, punctuality and solid services, everyone who is part of the supply chain needs reliable freight forwarders to handle their logistics in order for their business to flourish.


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5 Tips on How to Choose a Proper Freight Forwarder (Part 2)

The selection of a freight forwarder is not a random process, but one that involves a considerable amount of research. You need to make sure they have the necessary experience and knowledge of how to best handle your shipments, the logistics of a business being paramount to its success.


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