Export your vehicle

If you are thinking about exporting a car overseas there are some things you need to know when it comes to the shipping process.

Let's start by discussing first the types of shipment options available.


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The Management of International Payments

Our attention is often drawn to the fact that the world has become smaller as a result of globalization; trading overseas has been hugely facilitated by the technological improvements made in the field of communications. The range of new markets available to small and medium-sized companies is wider than ever before.


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Sending shipments to Jersey?

If you’ve shipped to Jersey before, you may have learnt a fact that often finds people by surprise – Jersey isn’t part of the EU.

Officially known as the Bailiwick of Jersey, Jersey is a


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Should you insure your freight?

A very common question we get asked by clients is whether they should insure their freight. The simple answer would be a yes, if you want that additional peace of mind.


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How to Pack Items For Transport, The Right Way!

In a world of email and fast response most people don't often use the post office to send messages anymore. However, until someone invents a teleportation system (!) the only way to get your physical goods from point A to point B, still requires you to mail them.


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