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The Impact of Britain’s Exit from the European Union on the Logistics Industry

The topic of Britain removing itself from the European Union has generated significant debate over the past year, setting itself apart as one of the central themes of the General Election campaign. The fierce confrontations between UK’s political parties have led to the initiative of an in/out referendum being organised for the British public to decide whether it would be better for the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union or not.


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start up tips

The ABCs of Exporting

As a newcomer to the shipping industry, chances are you will be overwhelmed by your first exporting operation unless you are familiar enough with the practices and regulations governing this specific kind of shipping activity. Therefore, here is a short introduction to exports and the exporting activity to help you start your little adventure on the shipping market on the right foot.


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China vs Mexico

Is Mexico Following in China’s Footsteps in the Trading Industry?

Mexico and the United States of America have been trading partners for more than one century now, a partnership Mexico has been thriving off of. Thus, in an era of trade agreements and shifted economic resources, it has the potential and opportunity to become as great an economic power as China.


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Fixed Freight Rates versus Fluctuating Freight Rates

As a person seeking high-quality shipping services, dealing with fluctuating rates can be really distracting, to say the least, particularly in a context where reliability is known to be a key factor in this industry. Things get even more irritating during the peak seasons, when the shipping activity is the most intense, giving freight companies the perfect opportunity to rip their customers off.


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fresh food

Tips on Proper Refrigerated Food Shipping

Shipping food between destinations is one of the trickiest tasks encountered within the shipping industry. Therefore, it only makes sense that the solutions be numerous so as to cover whatever needs consumers may have in this sense, failure to ship food in ideal conditions causing a variety of highly significant risks.


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