vehicle conectivity

Six Trends That Will Change the Face of the Transportation Industry

Our travelling habits as we know them today have their origins in the British invention of the so-called road locomotives over one hundred years ago. Ever since, we have commuted in pretty much the same way.


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container houses

Shipping Containers – An Innovative and Cheap Housing Solution for Students

South Africa has taken a huge step toward modern housing by developing a project that provides homes for students at affordable costs. The initiative, known as the Mill Junction project, belongs to Citiq Property Developers and is located in the South African capital of Johannesburg, more specifically in Newtown.


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supply chain map definition

Virtual Logistics - A Solution for the Future

Handling the logistics of any type of shipping operation is no easy job. There are large numbers of different factors that must be considered in the process, from the equipment available for shipping to the infrastructure available at the time of a shipment.


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The Role of Local Courier Services in Non-Profit Organisations and Legal Entities

Despite their very different missions and interests, non-profit organisations and legal entities rely on local courier companies to handle their courier service needs on a constant basis and for a variety of reasons.

One of the main factors that lie at the basis of these solid partnerships is the guaranteed timeliness of local courier services.


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packaging over the years

The Progress Made in Packaging over the Years

Although the importance of packaging is often overlooked, this particular area of the shipping process has a great impact on both the consumers and the efficiency of products of all sorts. Fortunately, following the progress made in packaging over the years is no difficult job.


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