Cargo theft prevention

Taking Prevention Measures against Cargo Theft at Shipping and Receiving Docks

According to the latest statistics, the risk of cargo theft at shipping and receiving docks has reached quite alarming levels and appears to be yet to increase. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important that precautions be taken to limit the losses as much as possible.


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triangle shipment

The Advantages of Triangle Shipments

Also known as foreign-to-foreign shipments or triangular trades, triangle shipments refer to shipping operations that involve the participation of three different parties from three different countries. Let us assume a trade between three parties based in the US, China and Colombia, respectively.


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East Africa

Shipping to the Developing Markets of East Africa

However surprising it may be, the East African countries of Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe are among the eleven most rapidly developing economies in the world between 2010 and 2020, ten of which are assigned to the African continent. Similarly, five of the six investment hotspots can be tracked to the African continent as well.


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packing boxes

Invest in Packaging to Save Money

Although it may sound like quite a paradox, saving money while spending money is possible. Successful business people do it all the time.


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How to Choose the Best 3PL Provider

Today, the key to success in business lies in maximised efficiency and that involves investing in the improvement of core competencies. 3PL (third party logistics) providers will save you time, money and space, as well as gain you expertise.


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