Having Doubts as to Whether Your Goods Have Actually Been Shipped?

Any shipping operation involves a long series of verifications being made before the shipment reaches the end costumer. However, the transparency of the entire process is rather limited, which justifies the doubts buyers often have as to whether their goods have actually been shipped as per the agreed conditions.


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demurrage fee

Demurrage versus Detention versus Per Diem

Although very similar in meaning, the general term of storage and the specialised ones of demurrage, detention and per diem must not be mistaken for one another. Storage fees are paid for the use of space and equipment while containers are being kept in warehouses, ports, rail yards, at airline terminals or inland rail ramps beyond the time frame priorly established by these providers.


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business mistakes to avoid

Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Business

We are always told that it is important to learn from our mistakes, but why not avoid making them in the first place if possible, especially in business, where mistakes usually cost money. Here are some valuable tips for those of you who are newcomers to the business world regarding the main mistakes you should avoid when setting up your first business.


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Top 5 Most Frightening Shipping Waters in the World (Part Two)

Sitting behind a desk or running errands trying to run a business in the transportation sector is one thing, but sailing cargo ships across international waters can be quite exciting. And that is not in a good way.


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sea piracy

Top 5 Most Frightening Shipping Waters in the World (Part One)

Excitement is definitely among the last things people expect to get when it comes to international shipping. While the perks of managing such a business may be clear in the modern context, being the sailor who handles the delivery seems far less interesting.


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