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The Effect of Port Disruptions on US Economy (Part Two)

Port disruptions have proved to have a massive impact on the economy of the United States on countless occasions, causing drops in the production rates, the employment ones and cargo losses as well. Moreover, they tend to leave shippers with very few options as far as keeping foreign customers close is concerned.


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Port disruption

The Effect of Port Disruptions on US Economy (Part One)

The US National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the US National Retail Federation (NRF) have managed to set a framework for the debate on the effects of lockouts and strikes in US ports on the country’s economy after conducting a study on this particular economic topic. According to their calculations, work stoppage costs the US economy as much as 2.


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On Shipping Pets or Pet Moving

Shipping pets is a delicate process because there are a lot of details to consider at all times from proper shipping related aspects to preparing them and finding ways for them to feel comfortable throughout their travel and in their new home. It should be noted that it is very important for their safety to be healthy and happy at all times.


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Insurance on Freight Shipping of Heavy Equipment

According to the law, it is mandatory that shippers in possession of a license provide insurance or take some kind of responsibility for all the shipments they manage. In other words, they must provide coverage for any kind of damage that might occur during their shipments.


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Get Your Heavy Equipment Ready for Shipping

As all shippers will confirm, the shipment of heavy equipment can raise quite some difficulties, especially if not managed properly. Therefore, it is essential that a number of aspects be considered in advance in order for the whole process to be as efficient as possible.


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